About Us

AboutUsing decades of experience building solutions for clients around the world owner Andy Evans believes strongly in helping each person make informed decisions. He knows to do so we must understand options even if they don’t directly support our own immediate interests. So don’t be surprised to be asked questions others may not, or to learn about something you may not ever have heard of before. We go to great lengths to understand materials, manufacturing and finishing processes so to advise each client of not only the options available but also the potential obstacles and risks. Each client has different needs and each project has different requirements, which is why our network of integrated partners collectively help make each BTN project a complete success. The goal is honesty and satisfaction first, knowing if we commit to these principles growth will naturally follow. Leave the worrying to us!

BTN customers look to us to develop and manufacture architectural products, typically but not exclusively involving new or antique wood. The company was originally founded to develop new post-consumer recycled products – thus the original name BTN Building Salvage Specialists. Beyond simply reclaimed wood, we conducted extensive research on other elements such as recycled brick, carpet, and wood that dominate the demolition waste stream. As demand grew for its wood products and solutions, BTN concentrated its focus on architectural products made from all types of wood, not simply reclaimed. We continue our inquisitive streak by continuing to explore new ways to process and enhance these materials and embrace these efforts as a core part of our mission to serve our customers.

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