"Thank you, Andy! It looks beautiful. It is completely fine to make the power fix on Thursday… I appreciate you making sure it is done well. Beautiful work!"

~ Daphne O., Operations Manager

"The floor looks AMAZING! Everyone was very satisfied with the end result."

~ Brent K., Commercial Flooring

"I'm at the site and the wood and marble look fantastic."

~ Justine M., Senior In-House Designer

"Everybody is really pleased with the reclaimed wood on the project."

~ John M., Commercial Developer

"Your product is absolutely beautiful and I will continue to push and push and push to use it on every single one of my projects."

~ Bernard H., Interior Designer

"The samples you brought yesterday were gorgeous - great job. Keep drinking and eating whatever you're doing just amazing."

~ Kobita M., Interior Designer

"Working with your company has been a great experience, we look forward to seeing what else you get in."

~ Julie, Event Facility Operator

"Project is going great and the wood looks award winning. Great job with prepping the shipment."

~ Wayne B., Builder

"It was refreshing to meet with someone so knowledgeable about old homes and someone so respectful of his clients' interests, even at the expense of his own. I would recommend your services without hestitation. Please feel free to have any potential clients contact me should they need a recommendation about BTN."

~ R. Scaderi, Homeowner

"I'm very happy with the pieces and your attention to detail (during) the entire process. Thanks so much for being easy to work with and working to find us the best materials."

~ C. Sommers, Homeowner

"I will be happy to give you an excellent referral and will recommend you at every chance I get."

~ M. Moore, Homeowner